Capacity development for disease outbreak and epidemic response in sub-Saharan Africa, in collaboration with Africa CDC

Capacity development for disease outbreak and epidemic response in sub-Saharan Africa, in collaboration with Africa CDC

Category of Opportunity: 

The purpose of this Call for Proposals is to establish an African cohort of epidemiologists by supporting institutions in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe that provide master’s training in epidemiology and biostatistics, as part of the Africa CDC’s framework for public health workforce development. Master’s courses with practical field research experience is the preferable level of training as it is relatively short and likely to deliver the required numbers and high-quality fit-for-purpose calibre of personnel that are urgently needed in epidemic zones of sub-Saharan Africa.
Proposals can be submitted by a single institution or consortium of institutions which must provide master’s training in epidemiology for 10 to 15 excellent, early- to mid-career researchers (“EPI Fellows”) based in sub-Saharan Africa and working in a relevant field. The EPI fellows must commit to remain in Africa for a minimum of two years after completing their studies and provide evidence to demonstrate this through a letter of support from their host institution.
Proposals should include institutions with a proven track record in the provision of high-quality master’s training with clear local and regional collaborations with NPHIs (or similar agencies), Ministries of Health and other academic institutions. Proposals must demonstrate the following:
A high-quality master’s programme in epidemiology and biostatistics relevant to infectious diseases of importance in sub-Saharan Africa.
An open, fair and transparent procedure for selecting EPI Fellows based in different geographical regions of Africa, and with appropriate gender balance, for entry into the master’s programme.
Robust mentorship and supervision mechanisms to support EPI Fellows through to timely successful course completion.
The master’s programme must include a research component, which must be conducted in a country in sub-Saharan Africa, in collaboration with local or regional NPHIs (and/or affiliated agencies) or Ministries of Health.

Proposals should also include support for meetings and conferences for the trainees to participate in an annual networking meeting organised by Africa CDC, as well as the biennial EDCTP Forum. Tuition fees, enrolment fees or other types of university charges are not eligible for reimbursement by EDCTP.
Due to the extraordinary global crisis of COVID-19 that is also affecting African countries, this topic should also be considered by applicants.
The proposed action should start no later than 1 October 2021 and must be completed before the end of 2024.
Expected impact
Projects funded under this call for proposals should:
Increase the number of skilled infectious disease epidemiologists working in Africa.
Enhance research capacity in epidemiology across Africa.
Encourage trans-national cooperation between epidemiologists in Africa and with Africa CDC.
Strengthen the ability of African countries to prepare for and to manage epidemic disease outbreaks.
Promote the career development and retention of postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers in Africa
Contribute towards the achievement of SDG3 ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’.
Enhance research capacity in poverty-related diseases and in clinical trials across Africa.

Ultimately these grants will contribute to the generation of a critical mass of epidemiologists and biostatisticians and institutional research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Date and time
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 00:00