Dr. Gaston Mazandu (Bioinformatician)

Dr. Mazandu is a researcher crossing between Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and Bioinformatics, which, over time, has provided me with the ability to contribute to the overall expansion of the skills base in computational sciences and biotechnology. He has gained valuable experience and ideal skills in several aspects of bioinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to health sciences. Currently, he is holding a senior lecturer position under the Sickle Africa Data Coordinating Center (SADaCC), as a lead system developer, at University of Cape Town, in the division of Human Genetics under the department of Pathology and my research interest includes Translational Bioinformatics and Epidemiology, Computational Systems Biology, Comparative and Functional Genomics, Biological Ontology and Machine Learning, as well as Intelligence Artificial. His current research focuses on integrating large scale biological and statistical data to analyze factors that contribute to disease transmission dynamics in human populations at epidemiological and molecular levels. His expertise includes bioinformatics tool development, large scale data analysis, statistical and mathematical modelling, and machine learning techniques. He has developed and published several models and tools, including disease ontologies, biological ontology semantic metrics, local ancestry inference and learning algorithms for classification.